Awards & Achievements

Helpful inventions are rewards in themselves.

Here are some of our achievements, certifications and awards that show the challenges we have conquered!

  • Development of Quantum Technology
  • Fusion of Quantum Technology with Botany and Colloidal Sciences
  • Successful development and applications of inventions
  • Inventions patented
  • Validated by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) Centres and various Agricultural Institutions
  • Certified Organic by Control Union: Approved Input for Organic Agriculture
  • Member of International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) and IFOAM Asia
  • Certified Ayurveda by the FDCA, Gujarat
  • Successful completion of numerous tests, trials (including human trials) and validations.
  • International papers published
  • “Brand of the Year” in the New Introduction Category by AWACS – Marketing Excellence Awards 2022
  • Published on NIH-National Library of Medicine, PubMed Central and Cochrane Library
  • Recognized by The Indian Society of Veterinary Medicine

CEO Message

I cannot see the pain and suffering of any human being and Mother Earth. For me, it’s my life’s purpose to put a smile on people and Mother Earth.

I enjoy each and every moment life presents and thrive to give my best.

- Deap Shukla

Publications, Press & Media

Various publishers, press, media and notable influencers have mentioned us and
it sure feels heart-warming and reassuring!

Our genuine gratitude and pranam to all those who have recognized and encouraged us in our journey.

CSR Activities

Initiative against Cancer

Since the last 5 years, over 18,000+ patients suffering from multiple types of cancers, in various stages, have been given AAYUDH CanOaid as part of Pinaq Remedies’ corporate social responsibility program, completely free of cost, during their entire treatment period. Patients and their relatives saw highly satisfactory results and have shown their gratitude.

Shantanu Foundation

Under the umbrella of Shantanu Foundation, a collaborative project was carried out with one of the leading pharmaceutical companies, to help reach people suffering from cancers. The aim was to help improve their quality of life and reduce the impact of social pressures on their families. Over 1000 bottles were disbursed to those suffering in a very short span of time.

GSTV Promotion

During recently-faced difficult times in 2020, along with Mr. Shreyansh Shah, Managing Editor of Gujarat Samachar, and Gujarat Samachar TV (GSTV), a one-of-a-kind public initiative was co-managed by Pinaq Remedies to give the viewers of GSTV free-of-charge bottles of AAYUDH Advance via various offices of GSTV. Due to the positive response and high demand, this promotion was extended for a few months to better reach people in difficult times.

BAPS Temple

BAPS Akshardham at Delhi is continuously supplied with Pinaq Remedies’ Agriculture and Sanitation products to maintain their lush gardens and hygienic compounds. In February 2021, AAYUDH Advance and AAYUDH Maintain were supplied with acute urgency and continuous flow for a few months until everybody was in good health.

Ram Krishna Mission - ISCON

The Swamis and followers of ISCON requested an immediate consignment of AAYUDH Advance and AAYUDH Maintain. Despite the nationwide lockdown, Pinaq Remedies ensured that the consignment of medicine reached the ISCON Temple in time to help save lives.

Bolbala Charitable Trust

The difficult times of 2020 did not leave anyone untouched. Pinaq Remedies collaborated with Bolbala Charitable Trust to provide AAYUDH medicines, free of charge, to the people in need, especially to those who could not afford the required medical care.

Bollywood Film Stars

Special urgent deliveries of AAYUDH medicines were made to many well-known media people and actors to address their critical health situations. All these efforts were part of the corporate social responsibility by Pinaq Remedies.