General FAQs

What is quantum science?

Quantum science is the use of physics to safely convert bigger particles into their smallest possible particle form. This vastly increases their effectiveness and the power that resides within them. For example, we turn wheat into flour. Now, this flour can be used to make so many delicious things that are beyond our imagination when it was just wheat grains. Similarly, quantum technology miniaturizes particles and open up endless possibilities that are beyond our imaginations.

What is quantum technology?

According to Chat GPT, “Quantum technology is a branch of physics that deals with the behaviour of matter and energy at the smallest scales.”

An interesting thing about quantum technology is that particles can become connected in a way that their properties are always correlated, no matter how far apart they are. This is a bit like having a pair of socks that always match, no matter where they are in the world!”

What are the uses of quantum technology?

Quantum technology has opened up an absolutely wonderful realm of physics for us, where our creations work faster, better and more efficiently! Quantum technology can be used in a variety of field – from energy to medicine to even cleaning! The uses of quantum technology are only limited by our imaginations.

What are the benefits of quantum technology?

The benefits and applications quantum technology are endless! Its basic features allow us to make pre-existing functionalities to become faster, better and more precise!

What are the benefits of quantum technology inmedicine?

Quantum technology involves physics. We can combine the right ingredients to get the desired properties and convert them into significantly smaller sizes using quantum technology. This helps create medicines with targeted therapies. With these, we would

  1. Selectively delivery the right medicines to the right parts of the body – accurate and targeted action, like a surgical strike!
  2. Experience new, faster and more effective treatment options!
  3. Be able to easily manage currently difficult to treat diseases.
  4. Have medicines that personalizes itself to best suit your body.
  5. Have very negligible or no side effects or adverse effects.
  6. Require relatively very small doses to have a great effect on the body.
  7. Be safe in case you took the medication wrongly (e.g. you took an antiviral medicine when you didn’t need it. You would be fine as the targeted medicine would only attack viruses and nothing else in the body).
  8. Have one medicine to cure multiple health issues.
  9. Eliminate the bad in the body, while simultaneously fortifying the good in the body.
  10. Circumvent drug-to-drug interactions/ cross-reactions.

What are the benefits of quantum technology inwellness?

Wellness relates to our everyday health and lifestyle. Since quantum technology can be applied to all the things around us, it has immense applications to enrich our lives. For instance, with Quantum Technology,

  1. The products are very user friendly.
  2. Products are multifunctional: consumers can get all they want and more, in just one product!
  3. Natural ingredients can easily be fortified without the use of harmful chemicals.
  4. Products are highly effective.
  5. Innovative products have unimaginable properties!
  6. New products would be cost-effective.
  7. Green, sustainable, everyday solutions are within reach.
  8. Consumers can reduce their footprint (waste production) on a massive scale.
  9. User safety is not compromised. Quantum Technology-based products are non-toxic, very safe and made from food-grade ingredients.
  10. Consumers have access to fast-acting products that support their fast, ever-busy lifestyles.

What are the benefits of quantum technology inhygiene?

Bacteria, viruses and fungi are finding different ways to develop multiple types of resistance to our current solutions and are becoming more difficult to fight. In response, we have developed many harmful chemicals to better combat these pathogens. However, these chemicals harm us and the environment.

Quantum Technology can easily be applied to create better responses to these pathogens:

  1. The formulations can target multiple types of pathogens in one go!
  2. Formulations made using Quantum Technology can modify the way they attack pathogens. This way, pathogens don’t develop resistance to the formulations.
  3. Safety concerns: These formulations are made from very safe ingredients that are safe for us and highly toxic for harmful pathogens.
  4. Fumigation would no longer be a chore. It can be easily done without removal of personnels or needing to wear special suits to limit exposure to harmful chemicals.
  5. Products are so safe that they can be easily used for babies and in the kitchen.

What are the benefits of quantum technology inagriculture?

Agriculture is an intricate field of science that requires a delicate, yet a confident, approach to address the ever-growing demands of the field. Our current approach towards agriculture is providing diminishing returns and causing immense imbalance in soil, ecology, and environment. Quantum Technology wonderfully addresses these issues:

  1. Special formulations can be created from plants, for plants, for highly compatible applications to various plants.
  2. Multi-pronged, complete solutions to address soil health, water quality and plant yield.
  3. We don’t have to choose among eco-friendliness, cost-effectivity and sustainability.
  4. We can reclaim the local biodiversity that improves yield, soil health and supports agricultural activities.
  5. Very little quantity of Quantum Technology-based formulations are required to produce a great effect.
  6. The formulations are highly safe and made with food-grade ingredients. This ensures safety, effectivity and lack of toxicity to us on multiple levels.
  7. These formulations do not contain any mutagens or toxins that are known to cause cancers.
  8. We can highly selectively target pests, like a surgical strike that eliminates the bad without hurting the good!
  9. Bad insects and other pathogens cannot build resistance to Quantum Technology-based formulations.
  10. With Quantum Technology, formulations can be very stable when kept on a shelf for years but can easily biodegrade once we release them into the environment.

What are the benefits of quantum technology inveterinary medicine?

The field of veterinary deals with animals, and they cannot always express their pain and discomforts as much as us. Hence, the medicines should be highly effective and safe to help these speechless animals in the best possible way. Quantum technology helps us treat animals in effective, safe and easy manners.

  1. Quantum technology can make medicines that are highly adaptable across species.
  2. Formulations are safe for unborn calf, pregnant cattle and lactating cattle.
  3. No side effects or adverse reactions – for the animals, their care takers and children!
  4. One medicine with multiple properties to treat multiple infections and infestations!
  5. The formulations can be specially created with plant-based, natural ingredients that are biodegradable, do not bioaccumulate and are sustainable.
  6. Quantum technology-based medicines can easily circumvent post-application consequences of traditional medicines that include miscarriages, delays in insemination, medicine residues in milk, etc.
  7. Easy & painless to use, with amazing efficacy!
  8. You require very less to do a lot: The small quantum particles spread quickly and start acting quickly.
  9. Interesting formulations that are lick safe and toxicity-free!
  10. Fast-acting formulations that give quick and effective relief to animals.

What are the benefits of quantum technology to theenvironment?

The use of many harmful chemicals has left our environment highly destabilised. This results in broken food chains, energy chains and fluctuation of natural resources that harm the biodiversity and ecology, and produces negative effects that amplify the already existing environmental destability. Quantum technology can help counter these problems in an effective manner.

  1. Green sustainable ingredients can be used to prepare effective solutions that are in synchrony with the environmental ecology.
  2. The absence of volatility makes them very safe to spray and fumigate areas without worrying about pollution and children’s safety.
  3. Quantum formulations would be safe for plants, marine life, animals and humans since they do not contain any pollutants, carcinogens or bioaccumulate in living things.
  4. The quantum formulations readily biodegrade upon being exposed to the environment. They do not bio-accumulate in animals like other harmful chemicals. This will help revive the food chain.
  5. The versatility of quantum formulations makes them a one-stop-solution for a variety of environmental challenges.
  6. Cost effectivity of Quantum technology-based formulations make them a desirable option for people and municipalities to adopt to help treat the environment.
  7. Quantum formulations can be specially created to help degrade a many types of pollutants that are present in air, water and soil.
  8. Chemicals residues would not seep through and contaminate our limited natural resources.
  9. Quantum formulations can be created for specific actions for a targeted approach to help stabilise and revive the environment.
  10. Products can be precisely created to stabilize the fluctuation of natural resources to support biodiversity and ecological stability.

Define colloidal science.

Colloidal science is the science of combining various large molecules into one big synergistic particle. The different particles would have multiple features.

What is a colloid?

A colloid is a mixture of heterogenous particles that appear homogenous to our eyes. For example, milk is made of a variety of different particles that appear as one phase to us.

Define colloid.

A colloid is a mixture of various particles that appear as one to our eyes. The different particles do not separate and are mixed throughout the solution.

What are the properties of the colloid?

Colloid properties would depend on the ingredients used to make them.

What is the role of colloidal science in medicines?

Special colloids can be created to contain many task-specific properties. For example, a single medicine made from colloids can target multiple health issues. Awesome, right!

What are the benefits of colloidal science?

Colloidal science can be used to specially design particles with many amazing properties that no single particle can carry by itself. Additionally, the particles can be combined to amplify their potencies, thereby increasing the effectivity of the solutions!

Why should we combine colloidal science with uantumtechnology?

Colloidal particles tend to be micrometre in size. This can hinder their penetration, ability to quickly spread and bioavailability. The use of Quantum technology to miniaturize the colloids into nanometre and sub-nanometre sizes helps overcome this barrier.

What is the size of the quantum particle?

The size of quantum particles is less than 10 nanomtres. This includes the sub-nano realm where particles are less than 1nm in size.