What is AAYUDH TickX?

AAYUDH TickX is more than an anti-tick solution for pets and other animals. It helps manage ticks, mites and lice infestations and helps resolve a variety of skin infections.

What is AAYUDH TickX made of?

AAYUDH TickX is made out of special botanical extracts. These are carefully combined into colloids and super-miniaturized using Quantum Technology to create an anti-tick and antibacterial solution. AAYUDH TickX has also shown great results against multiple types of multi-drug resistant ticks and bacteria.

Is AAYUDH TickX a botanical product?

Yes, very much so!

How effective is AAYUDH TickX?

Very effective. Multiple tests, trials and validations show that proper application of AAYUDH TickX gives better results than leading anti-tick medicines, that too without any known side effects or adverse effects.

Are there any side effects of AAYUDH TickX on pets, animals or caretakers?

No known side effects or adverse effects have been observed or reported on pets, animals or caretakers. To date, we have conducted numerous tests and trials and all users were satisfied with the product.

Which animals can I apply AAYUDH TickX on?

All large and small animals: AAYUDH TickX has shown great effectiveness against all sorts of ticks and bacteria on a variety of pets and animals.

What if animals accidentally ingest/ eat/ lick AAYUDH TickX?

Nothing happens, it’s safe. AAYUDH TickX is made from food-grade ingredients and is tested to be safe upon accidental ingestion.

Why should we use AAYUDH TickX?

Because its effective and safe for animals, humans and environment. Most anti-tick and antibacterial solutions use chemical compounds to address ticks and infections. This may lead to complications. For the first time ever, this invention: AAYUDH TickX, uses advanced never-before-seen Quantum Technology with Physics to tackle the menace of ticks and infections. AAYUDH TickX is

  • Extensively tested and validated with great results at multiple test locations and institutes.
  • Safe upon accidental consumption
  • Safe for lactating or pregnant animals
  • Safe for children
  • Not known to cause pain or side effects to pets, animals and caretakers.
  • Not known to interfere with other drugs (AAYUDH TickX works using Physics, while others use Chemistry)
  • Applied only to the skin of the pet/ animal: AAYUDH TickX helps solve the problem from the outside and does not enter the pet/ animal’s body like an injectable or an oral administration medicine.

Can I apply AAYUDH TickX on the pet habitat?

In case of tick infestation, we recommend liberally spraying AAYUDH TickX on the pet/ animal, as well as their habitats simultaneously for better results. Make sure to get all the nooks and crannies – ticks love those hard-to-reach places!

Should I use AAYUDH TickX on baby animals?

Yes, AAYUDH TickX is skin-safe and can be safely used on baby animals.

In the case of cattle, is there any impact on the quality of milk or animal pregnancies?

AAYUDH TickX is an external dermal (skin) application. It does not enter the animal’s body. Therefore, it does not impact the quality of milk or pregnancies.

Is there any product residue found in milk?

None, as AAYUDH TickX is applied on the skin and does not enter the animal’s body.

What are the benefits of AAYUDH TickX?

AAYUDH TickX is:

  • Can be used on ticks, mites, lice and bacterial infections
  • Highly effective
  • Very safe
  • Easy to use
  • Non-skin irritating (skin safe)
  • Non-genotoxic
  • Biodegradable & environmentally friendly
  • Cost effective
  • Botanical
  • Non-flammable
  • No known side effects
  • Safe for all ages
  • Safe upon accidental ingestion
  • No known animal specificity (can be used on a variety of animals)

Is AAYUDH TickX a certified product?

Yes, AAYUDH TickX is a certified FDCA approved Proprietary Medicine.

Does AAYUDH TickX contain any toxic material?

No. AAYUDH TickX is made from food-grade ingredients that are GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe), NOAEL (No Observed Adverse Effect Level) and EAFUS (Everything Added to Food in the United States).

What should AAYUDH TickX be used for?

AAYUDH TickX should be used to manage ticks, mites, lice and bacterial infections on pets and animals.

What if I use AAYUDH TickX in large quantities on the animal’s body by mistake?

It’s ok. Nothing to worry about. Data indicates that it does not cause any adverse effects to the pet/animal. Feel free to consult your veterinarian for questions or concerns.

What if I forgot to apply the product on animal as per the schedule?

Please apply as soon as you remember. However, you may not get the desired effectivity. Just be patient and repeat the process until you do. You may also keep a reminder to help you.

Can AAYUDH TickX be used for anything else other than ticks and skin infections?

You can use AAYUDH TickX regularly to keep your pets and animals clean.

Where can I buy it?

You can buy AAYUDH TickX on the Pinaq Remedies website and Amazon.

How long I should use the product?

Until you get the desired results.

What’s the dose? How should I apply AAYUDH TickX on my pet or animal?

Prepare a fresh batch by mixing 50mL. of AAYUDH TickX in 400ml. of water. Use this solution to sponge the infested or infected areas on the animal, against the direction of hair. Do not wash the animal for 3-4 days after application. In case of tick infestation, brush the animal 3-4 days after application. For heavier infestation/ infection, reapply after every 5 days. The solution can also be liberally sprayed in the animal’s living area for better results.

Please prepare a fresh batch for every application.