Agro Clean - FAQs

Agro Clean - FAQs

What is Agro Clean?

Agro Clean is plant protector and plant stress manager.

What does Agro Clean do?

Agro Clean

  • Selectively rids plants of sucking pests, bacterial infections and fungal infections that negatively affect the plants.
  • Does not harm predator pests, natural enemies, farmer’s friends and pollinators that help the plants stay healthy.
  • Safeguards crops, human beings and environment.

In short, Agro Clean helps plant growth and improve yield by suppressing the bad and promoting the good!

What are the beneficial characteristics of Agro Clean?

The beneficial characteristics of Agro Clean are:

  • Safe around children
  • Non-toxic (poison-free)
  • Non-mutagenic
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Non-genotoxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Skin safe
  • Food-grade.
  • Zero residue
  • Safe upon accidental ingestion
  • Safe upon accidental eye exposure
  • Environment friendly
  • Free of any Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Free of any cancer-causing agents

Can I use Agro Clean for organic farming?

Yes, absolutely! Agro Clean is made of food-grade ingredients.

Agro Clean is accredited by Control Union (a highly prevalent European organic certifying agency for organic agriculture).

We, formulators of Agro Clean, are also members of International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements-Organics International.

Agro Clean is not just organic but it also accredited as such as well!

Is Agro Clean a pesticide or insecticide?

Agro Clean is beyond those! Agro Clean protects the plants and manages their stress as well! Agro Clean keeps your plants fit, healthy and disease-free!

What is Agro Clean made from?

Agro Clean is made from plants, for plants. It is made from various botanical extracts that have been specially processed to improve plant health and vitality.

Would Agro Clean harm my crops?

No, Agro Clean is very safe on the crops. This has been proven through extensive trials and validations at various geo-climatic locations and ICAR universities across India, Europe, USA and African countries. Agro Clean is very safe and poison-free.

Do the sprayers require any safety gear while using Agro Clean?

No, since Agro Clean is made out of food-grade extracts and the product is safe upon exposure or accidental consumption. Sprayers should always wear the safety gear as per their comfort level and governmental guidelines.

What type of pest, fungi and bacteria have been found to be cleaned by Agro Clean?

Agro Clean effectively manages plant stress and keeps plants clean from a variety of sucking pests, fungi and bacteria to ensure healthy plant growth. Some examples include:

Black thrips Dieback Ear-cutting caterpillar Swarming caterpillar Grey mould Mealy bugs Thrips Leaf hoppers Mites Powdery mildew Phytophthora Downey mildew Alternaria Scab Anthracnose Blight Whitefly Botrytis Canker Rice Blast Chinch bugs Fire ants Leaf miners Pear psylla Sawfly scales Sooty mould

Can I use Agro Charger Herbal and Agro Clean together? If so, how can I use them?Yes, you can use both Agro Charger Herbal and Agro Clean together.

Mix 2 milliliters of Agro Charger Herbal and 3 milliliters of Agro Clean into every 1 litre of water, altogether. Thoroughly bathe the plants (above and undersides of the plant) and drench the soil around the plants with a spray.

Can I mix it with some pesticide and spray?

Yes. Agro Clean can be used alongside other pesticides or insecticides.

Can I mix wetter or a spreader with Agro Clean?

Yes, you can mix non-ionic wetters/spreaders with Agro Clean. This will be especially beneficial to apply the Agro Clean solution to those hard-to-reach place on plants.

How should I use Agro Clean?

Agro Clean is a contact plant protector. The plants must be sprayed so that the product touches all the parts of the plant, especially the infected and the vulnerable parts! Dilute 3mL. of Agro Clean in 1L. of water and liberally spray and bathe the infected leaves, bark and branches so that Agro Clean coats each and every part of the plant. Feel free to spray the soil if you think the pests or infection is in there. You can also mix non-ionic spreaders/ wetters in the prepared solution. Ensure that that the plants have been bathed from the top, as well as the bottom sides. Then relax and enjoy your fresh pest-free and disease-free plants!

In case of flooding, rain, heavy mist or situations where the Agro Clean coating could be washed off or removed from the plants, apply again. Do not spray on the flowers.

You can also dip your fruits and vegetables in the same dilution of Agro Clean to protect them from getting infected post-harvest.

What type of nozzle, sprayer and equipment should I use to apply Agro Clean?

You can use a regular nozzle and spray. Basically, you can use any equipment that will ensure thorough bathing of your plants.

How long does Agro Clean take to get results after spraying?

Immediately: Agro Clean is a contact plant protector and it starts working upon contact with the plant. Usually, the effects of Agro Clean can be seen between 5 minutes to 24 hours. Agro Clean is effective between 1 week to 10 days after spraying.

Can I spray Agro Clean on flowers?

Agro Clean should not be sprayed on flowers. The petals have waxy coating that can get damaged and hurt the flower. Conventionally, applications of fertilizers, pesticides or any other chemical are never made directly on flowers.

How does Agro Clean work?

Nature already has solutions to our problems. Agro Clean marks the union of such qualities that have been energized with Quantum Technology to increase their power and effectivity.

Where can I get it?

You can buy Agro Charger Herbal from the Pinaq Remedies website and ecommerce portals like Amazon.