AAYUDH Advance - FAQs

What is AAYUDH Advance?

AAYUDH Advance is a potent antiviral medicine. It helps eliminate the virus in the body, without any known side effects, protects from cytokine storms and accelerates recovery, despite the severity of the viral infection.

How are AAYUDH Advance, AAYUDH Maintain and AAYUDH Cough & Cold different?

AAYUDH Advance is formulated to fight very heavy viral infections. It has processed natural ingredients that are known to have very strong virucidal and virustatic (antiviral) properties.

AAYUDH Maintain is made to protect you from heavier viruses and infections, and help the body cope with viral infections, other than those of coughs and colds.

AAYUDH Cough & Cold is made to target common coughs and colds.

Is AAYUDH Advance effective?

We have conducted multiple tests, successful human clinical trials and validations. AAYUDH Advance is highly effective against serious viral infections. Patients have experienced quick recovery within a week and resumed their daily routine. Approximately 1,50,000 people have been cured using this product since 2021.

Ayurvedic medicines give results in the long term, while this is said to give results immediately. How?

AAYUDH Advance uses botanical extracts that are condensed into balls (using Colloidal Science) and further miniaturized using Quantum Technology. The small particle size of AAYUDH Advance allows it to quickly spread through the body and start acting rapidly.

Why AAYUDH Advance taste different than other cough syrups?

Because it is not a sugary drink – it’s medicine. AAYUDH Advance is made from special botanical ingredients with amazing antiviral properties that is even safe for diabetics. The aim is to help get rid of the virus, not for it to taste like mango juice.

Why does AAYUDH Advance taste so unusual?

Because it is not a sugary drink – it’s medicine. Here’s your chance to customize it! Down (drink) it like your tequila shot and chase it with the flavour of your choice!

My family member has been prescribed AAYUDH Advance. Can I also take it?

Yes, you may. AAYUDH Advance is a licensed over-the-counter medicine and does not require a prescription.

What are the active ingredients of AAYUDH Advance?

AAYUDH Advance is made from highly potent botanical extracts that have exceptional anti-viral (virustatic – stops viral propagation, and virucidal – eliminates virus) properties. AAYUDH Advance also comprises of botanical ingredients that have strong antioxidant activities, regulate the immune system and calm the body.

What makes AAYUDH Advance different?

We have chosen specific botanical extracts which have powerful properties to create AAYUDH Advance.

We combine these powerful ingredients together using Colloidal sciences to increase their strengths.

Lastly, their size was reduced to the smallest of the nanoparticles so that they quickly spread throughout the body and start acting quickly.

Is this AAYUDH Advance tested? What about certifications?

Yes, AAYUDH Advance has been put through years of rigorous testing. This formulation is certified as Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine, registered with the Clinical Trials Registry of India, made in GMP certified facility and applied to be patented. In fact, one of the human clinical trials is also published by the famous Elsevier!

Where can I buy AAYUDH Advance?

You can buy AAYUDH Advance on the Pinaq Remedies website and ecommerce platforms like Amazon and TATA 1mg.

Is this correct that AAYUDH Advance is a sugar-free cough syrup?

Yes, AAYUDH Advance does not contain any sugar or aspartame, and is safe for diabetics or those sensitive to sugar.

Can diabetics take AAYUDH Advance?

Sure. AAYUDH Advance is sugar and aspartame-free. You can also consult your Physician to check if AAYUDH Advance would suit you.

What’s the dose? How should I take AAYUDH Advance?

Adult: Drink 15mL. four (4) times a day on an empty stomach (dilute only if necessary) or as directed by Physician.

Children: As directed by Physician.

Can I take AAYUDH Advance more than four (4) times a day?

Many people have taken much greater doses and are in great health. It is always recommended to consult a Physician.

Can I take AAYUDH Advance with other medications?

Sure, AAYUDH Advance is not known to have any drug-to-drug reactions. However, if you have any questions or feel any adverse effects, please contact a Physician.

Are there any side effects?

AAYUDH Advance is not known to have any side effects. Please contact a Physician for questions or concerns.

What happens if I take too much of it (overdose)?

AAYUDH Advance is not known to have any ill effects if you take too much of it. However, please contact a Physician for questions or concerns.

What happens if I take less than the recommended dose?

AAYUDH Advance may not be as effective. However, if your Physician recommended a lower dose, there would be a reason behind the recommendation and would be best to ask the Physician about it.

What about missed doses?

If you remember before the next dose: Take a dose when you remember.

If you remember at the time of the next dose or after it: Carry forward as per your scheduled dosages. You need not accumulate or compensate for missed dose.

Try and not miss the doses though as it lowers the efficacy. May be set a reminder on your phone?

How long should I take AAYUDH Advance?

Until you get better from the infection, until you're satisfied with your symptoms, or as per the advice of a Physician. Please consult a Physician for questions or concerns.

Can children, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers take AAYUDH Advance? What should be the dosage?

Please to consult a Physician to determine the eligibility and the dose. No known side effects have been found so far.