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AAYUDH TickX is a dual action formulation that helps

• Fight various infestations like ticks, fleas, mites and lice.
• Resolve various skin infections.

AAYUDH TickX is highly effective on the most stubborn and multi-acaricide (multi-drug) resistant infestations and infections. Yet, it is highly safe!

AAYUDH TickX is simply applied on the animal skin/ hide. Meaning, it does not enter the animal’s body. As a result,


It is safe when applied on pregnant or lactating animals.


It does not cause miscarriages.


It does not enter or leave any residue in the animal milk.


It is safe for all animals of all ages.


It is very gentle on the animal’s and caretaker’s skins but relentless on infections.

Multiple tests, trials and validations show that proper application of AAYUDH TickX gives better results than leading anti-tick medicines, that too without any known side effects or adverse effects.



Green & Organic

Skin Safe

Child Friendly

Safe for all Pets

Safe during Lactation

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Benefits of Using AAYUDH TickX

  • Safe for all animals
  • Safe for all ages (incl. the little ones)
  • Certified Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine
  • Made from food-grade botanical extracts
  • Safe upon accidental ingestion
  • Skin safe
  • No known oral toxicity
  • Eye safe
  • Pain-relieving properties
  • Safe for the unborn, pregnant or lactating animals
  • No residue in milk
  • No production or conception delays
  • No miscarriages or abortions
  • Effective on various dermal infections
  • Non-genotoxic/ non-mutagenic/ non-cancerous
  • Readily biodegradable >99% within 28 days in open air
  • Safe for marine and companion animals
  • Multi-purpose: can be applied on the host animal & the environment
  • Ticks (all stages) have not shown to build resistance

Additional Plus Points of AAYUDH TickX

AAYUDH TickX is made of ingredients that are:


(Generally Regarded as Safe)


(Everything Added to Food in the United States)


(No Observed Adverse Effect Level)

Regular price Rs. 110.00
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For regular orders, we can also make the products available in 5L cans.